Beginner Camping Tips-A Beginner’s Guide to Life Outdoors

Sitting by the campfire, telling stories or singing songs, and melting s’mores makes for some of the most adventures, and enjoyable experiences of a lifetime. If you have never been camping before, but think it is something you would enjoy, don't panic. Everybody had to start from somewhere.


It took me along time, and many attempts in order to figure out simple hacks that can make a beginners camping experience simple and fun.

Research Before You Go

Something I wish I had known before my first trip would have better prepared me for when I arrived. A couple of things to research before you go can automatically make things feel less extreme.

What accommodations do the campsites offer?

Are they equipped with hiking trails and activities?

What is the climate like where I am going?

Is there wildlife?

Do they have a store on site for supplies and fire wood?

There is nothing worse than being totally unprepared for a camping trip. Research everything before you go so there are no surprises when you get there.

Don't Waste Your Money

Camping equipment can cost a lot of money, especially from the big names in Academy or Bass Pro. Total enjoyment from camping comes with what you make of it, not what you buy for it. Cheap equipment is just as good, and sometimes, even better.

On my first camping trip I thought, the more expensive the better, right? I was shocked when I heard experienced hikers laugh at my ridiculous receipts. Check local thrift stores and army surplus stores to find affordable equipment that will last a lifetime.

Test Before You Go

I never listened when my friends and family gave me this one. On my first camping trip I failed to do this and it took me nearly an hour to figure out how to set up my tent.

Vigorously trying to set up quickly so people would stop staring my first night was rough. Please! Listen to this tip and don't make the same mistake I did.

When you get the right gear, test it out. Set up your tent in your backyard. Cook with your utensils over a flame. Practice makes perfect, and being prepared makes things easier and less stressful when you arrive.


For any beginner, arrival can be the most exciting time. You are finally here and your camping experience is about to begin. Every beginner should note that early arrival is highly recommended. If you arrive late, some campsites wont allow you to check in until the following day. A night crammed in a car? No thanks!

I have arrived late before and it was not a pleasant way to start the trip to say the least. Always plan to arrive a few hours before your check in time. This will allow plenty of time in order to avoid the overnight car nap.

Arriving early will always gain approval from your neighbors as you don't have to try setting up when they are sleeping.

Setting Up Camp

When setting up camp, there a few quick and simple ways to be fully done in no time! When setting up camp, please be aware of the following:

Take your time: unpack everything slowly. There is no need to rush in order to relax.

Keep things organized: place items where they belong, and try to avoid clutter. Having to step over items in a tent is never easy, nor fun.

Leave space: camping can feel clastraphobic if you can see through your neighbor’s tent. Keep plenty of room between you and your neighbor so both can enjoy their privacy.

Setting up can take as little as a few minutes if properly prepared. Make sure you unpack neatly and keep your energy for tomorrow!

Proper Storage

Leaving food out is a sure sign of having friendly wildlife visitors disrupt your camping. If you are a beginner camper than please bring proper food storage for your food.

Zip lock bags

Plastic tubber ware

Glass containers

All of these are easy to pack and can guarantee blockage from wildlife. I prefer glass containers because you can always take them home, and reuse them on your next camping experience.

Know The Common Mistakes Made

Everyone is bound to a mistake at least once in their adventures. I’ve learned some hard lessons, so are my friends.

During my first camping trip, I stored my food in a cooler and left it out in the open, overnight. You might be wondering “oh god, why did you do that?” Yeah, I did it anyway. What a big mistake!

Guess what happened the next morning? All the food was gone and the cooler broke! I had planned the food to last for another day but I had to make my way back home. Well, at least I learned something. My next camping trip I made sure that I didn’t repeat the same mistake again. 

This doesn’t have to happen to you. So I’m going to share with you a list of common beginner camper mistakes. Take a good note of these examples so you won’t get into the same situation as me.

Be Respectful

The loud ones are usually beginners. Don't be a loud one. Be respectful of others who are always at the campsite. Be aware of late night quiet hours and don't be the sorry one who keeps the whole site up at night.

You are not the only one trying to have a good time camping and ruining it for others is never a fun burden to carry. Being respectful towards your fellow campers can ensure that everyone has the maximum experience for camping.

Camping can always feel like a stressful thing for beginners. Following simple tips can help keep the stress away and the experience adventurous and thriving. Don't be like me and ignore the tips: follow them! Being prepared is the only way to have the most fun on your first camping trip.

Janice Friedman

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