A Student’s Guide to Traveling without Spending Money

It is possible for a student to travel without spending money. There are lots of opportunities a student can engage in while travelling so as to travel for free. A great time to travel includes long summer holidays.

At this time, you have many months on holiday for summer, a chance to meet exciting friends from around the world, and you are less pre-occupied than you’re ever going to be in your adult life. Student life is the best chance you can ever get to travel.

But when the holiday break arrives, most students are broke, with the student loan having been all spent on food, rent and night outs. So, travelling fast becomes a distant dream.

Hey! But you can be creative and travel around the world without spending money. Here are ways you will be able to travel this summer without spending money.

Cultural Exchanges and Study Schemes

Governments fund students to travel for cultural exchanges around the world. All expenses are paid, including air fares, accommodation, food etc. This is also a chance you’ve got to fully engage yourself in another culture; from food and drink to language and daily customs.

Become an English Teacher Abroad

If you are good in the English language, teaching English abroad is a great opportunity for student travelers to travel for free.

Governments and learning institutions offer scholarships for students to travel and teach English around the world. While travelling, it will also be a great opportunity for you to get to know a culture from the inside and meet plenty of like-minded people.

Participate in Competitions

It may not be a guaranteed means of financing your travel, but competitions significantly offer some very appealing prizes. For example, a weekly writing competition can offer a $500 prize in the winner’s chosen currency.

House Sit around the World

There are people around the world willing to pay for you to come and stay in their house while they are away. All they require from you is to make sure the home stays in the condition the owner requested, and may be to just tend to some small chores like garden chores.


Summer and vacationing are synonymous. But not everyone can afford to travel a month or two, especially for students. You may have the budget for a summer vacation, but as a student, why pay for something you can have for free?

Students need to be adventurers in their college or university lifestyles to gain opportunities for travelling free. Participate in extra-curriculum activities like singing, sports etc.

If you are good in certain practical skills like language teaching, enroll as a teaching tutor. You can't miss to travel for free if you follow these ideas.

Janice Friedman

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