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Best of all, you can also count on our experience and expertise to help you to be fully prepared for your next adventure. Not only will we share helpful tips we’ve picked up firsthand, but we will also provide you with reviews of some of the latest and best hiking and camping supplies available.

We Are Daniel Ryan & Janet Johnson, avid campers and hiking enthusiasts. Our love for spending all our free time trekking through the wild unknown is a huge part of our lifestyle. In fact, that mutual love for being outside and striking out into territories unknown is how we met -just a pair of undergrads who happened to cross paths while on a group hiking trip in Yellowstone.

Unexpected bad weather and cheap camping gear led to our campsite being washed out and everyone buddied up together in the few tents that didn’t leak. The two of us wound up paired together and the rest, as they say, is history.

“You need special shoes for hiking- and a bit special soul as well”

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Doing What We Love!

That trip changed our lives as it began our relationship and taught both of us the importance of being prepared -which means having high-quality gear and the knowledge to get you through any situation. Our experiences over the years -hiking through some of the toughest and most beautiful terrain in North America- has only further strengthened our conviction and is the reason why we created HikingCampingGuide.com!

Our Mission

We want you to have the best adventure you can. So we’ve put together this site to cover important topics you need to know in order to do so. These important travel resources, primitive camping tips, and hiking strategies are based off of our experiences and the advice of other experts in the field.

And to make sure you’ve got the right gear for the right situation, you’ll find tons of reviews on our site, too. Many of these are products we’ve personally tested in the field, putting them through hell so we could identify their strengths and how well they’ll hold up for you. This also lets us identify if you may need other gear to supplement with in the event that product is good, but doesn’t quite match up with the demands of the wilderness.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes with being outside or like the satisfaction that comes at the end of a day long hike through the mountains. Let us help you make your next adventure be everything it can be. Through experienced based articles, helpful tips and tricks, and product reviews by people who know what to look for, you’ll be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

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