Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Review

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Review

Finding a knife to buy can be overwhelming because there are a lot of brands to choose from. There are many types of knives that have different designs and styles. Each knife may work better for different uses.

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This can make it difficult to find a great quality knife. When choosing the right knife to purchase it is important to know what you will be needing for.

A knife that can be used for survival or other wilderness situations can narrow down the type of to choose. This is something to think about when deciding the best knife that you need.

A survival knife needs to be durable, and easy to use. It should have a sharp blade that will stay open in a locked position. It would not be beneficial to have been in a situation where you needed the knife for protection, and it would not stay open.

This would cause a bad situation to turn deadly. The knife should withstand outdoor use without breaking or malfunctioning. It should have a multipurpose shape for any type of survival situation.

This will make the knife perform better and can be very resourceful. A survival knife should be light in weight. A knife that is not heavy will be simpler to use. It is important that it is easy to carry. I know from experience that a good brand knife is a Gerber.

Gerber has a lot of quality knives available. The survivor knife that I found to be beneficial is the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro.

Why Did I Consider This Knife?

There are several reasons why I chose this knife. I knew I would need to find a knife that would offer all of my survival needs. I wanted to find one that would hold up to the type of cutting experience that was expecting to have.

My previous experience of using a Gerber knife was a positive one. I wanted to stick with a brand that I was familiar with.

Gerber is a well-known brand name knife. The brand has an excellent reputation for lasting a long time. A Gerber knife has the ability to be used for many types of situations. They are known for having a cutting edge capability and extreme sharpness.

When I came across the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro; it appeared to be a good quality knife. This type of knife was well constructed and was easy to use.

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro is a durable knife. The blade is sharp and is capable of cutting and slicing. The blade is long enough to give distance while cutting. The construction of the handle has a firm textured grip. It has many qualities that I need for surviving.

Stainless Steel Blade

The blade has a beneficial length of 4.8 inches. This length is great for many different tasks that may be completed. It is made of a high-quality stainless steel. This stainless steel is a great protector for the blade.

It will keep it fromrusting, and becoming corroded. A blade like this will last a long time and continue to give a high-performance cutting ability. It will not need to be sharpened as often because of the stainless steel material.

Which is always good when you’re in need of a good sharp blade. It makes a big difference when a survival knife can continue with a sharp cut with every use.

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The construction of a full tang can ensure that the blade will withstand continued use. A blade of this construction is very tough and can handle extreme use. There is an edge of the blade which gives it stamina in the cutting and chopping capacity.

The point of the blade makes it easier to get deep into the object you’re cutting or slicing. This is a nice feature to have because a sharp point can be great for survivor needs.

The blade is easily sharpened and can be simple to maneuver. It is not flimsy, which will make it harder to bend or break.

The thumb ramp is available at the base of the blade. This is a good place for the thumb to rest when instead of it being in the way of the blade. It can help give stability and leverage when using the knife for cutting or peeling.

Sturdy Sheath

The sheath is durable and secure. It is well built and constructed. It is made of a sturdy plastic and tough rubber material. The blade is able to fit with ease and does not move around or make noise.

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A noise free blade can make a big difference in a survival situation. The sheath can work for well for a left and right handed individual. It looks great and will hold up for a long period of time.

It is a protective and secure sheath. Having a built in sharpener is beneficial and a great tool to be equipped with. The sharpener is a great benefit to have. It allows the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro knife to be sharpened quickly and accurately.

The sharpening function can save time. It will keep the knife working effectively at all times. It can be used for both left and right-handed people. There is a survivor booklet that is located in a compartment behind the grip.

The book contains useful information about the surviving and what is needed to do so. The booklet is waterproof which makes it nice. It can be accessed at any time for reference. There is no worry about it getting wet and not being able to read it.

It has a loop that makes it attachable to a belt loop. Or it can be attached to a backpack. The sheath has many great qualities that can be used when in a survival situation.

Durable Grip

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro has a durable grip. The grip is an important feature to have available when using a sharp knife.

A handle that is easy to hold and can maintain the great cutting ability is important. A knife that does not have a good grip can cause injuries.

It can also cause the hand to slip off the handle which could cause problems. With this knife; the sturdy grip can make cutting an object simplifier.

The handle has a texture that makes it easy to handle and ensures a solid grip. The texture on the handle prevents the hand from slipping away from it. Being able to have a solid grip on a knife handle; can offer a nice cut.

This is very important because the knife is 10 inches in length. It is beneficial to be able to control the knife in a professional manner without any mistakes. A textured handle is effective to use when your hands are slippery. It keeps your hand from sliding off the handle because it offers such a sturdy grip.

A good handle that is easy to use can make cutting thick items easier. It gives more support and sturdiness when cutting. The durable grip handle is a wonderful feature to have.


The knife can be used for many different things. It is very multi-functional. It is important to have a knife that can perform many tasks when you’re in a survival situation. The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro knife has the multi-functional ability.

It has the ability to cut fishing line, cord, rope, and other durable items. This feature is good to have in a survival situation.

This is good to have when you need to cut a thick material to make a shelter. It is handy to cut line for fishing purposes and making traps.

Another function of the knife is to make knots in the wood and branches.The knife works well when making grooves or holes into the bark and wood. This can be used to also construct a place to safely stay in the outdoors. If you need to make a sharp arrow or a stake; this knife works extremely well for this purpose.

The knife can even be used to hammer in items or pound sticks into the earth. This could be needed to set up a shelter, or make a trap for catching food. It is excellent for cutting tree limbs and branches that may be needed.

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro is very resourceful in survival situations because of the different functions it can do. It has a function to assist with fire making. The knife has the ability to shave for a feather stick and can make a hole for the fire. This is a very resourceful feature when needing to start a fire.

Food Prep

Being able to gather food is very important for survival. It is also just as important to be able to prepare the food for cooking or eating. The knife works great for preparing many types of foods.

Some foods you may have around you are; fruit, vegetables, stocks, and meat. The knife is beneficial for chopping, skinning, cutting, slicing, butchering, and filleting. Using the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro knife for skinning animals or fruit can be very handy.

Being able to chop up the food you want to prepare, can make it faster for eating. The knife is good to use for butchering up meat to cook on a fire. These are great qualities for food preparation needs.

The knife is wonderful for getting the food ready to be cooked. It is also a good resource for carving a stick to roast your food on over a fire. You can use it to stab fish if you do not have any type of fishing line to use.

This may take a skill and patience. If you’re cooking food; your knife can be used as a weapon from prey. The smell of the food can bring in unwanted animals.


  • The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro is very durable.
  • The blade is very sharp
  • The complete tang construction.
  • A tough knife that can handle hard work.
  • The tip of the blade and the design makes it completely sturdy.
  • It is lightweight and easy to hold.
  • The handle is made for a durable grip.
  • It can be used for many purposes.
  • One side of the blade is made for as a striker for starting fires.
  • The sheath is used for people who are right and left handed.


  • The loop used for attaching the sheath is not very durable.
  • The thumb groove is smooth and close to the blade.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Does the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro have serrations?

No, it does not. The full length of the blade can be sharpened without a problem.

How many inches long is the blade?

The length of the blade is 4.8 inches’ long

Is the steel at the base of the handle one solid piece of steel or is it two pieces?

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro knife is a full tang knife.

Final Verdict

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro knife has benefits. These benefits and features make it a resourceful survival knife. The blade is sturdy and sharp for cutting many types of textures. The one-sided fire striker is handy for starting fires.

The pointed edge of the blade can be used for making holes and knots. It is very light and easy to handle.

The handle of the knife is textured which makes it simple to grip. The texture is also helpful when handling the knife with wet hands. The sheath is sturdy and very well made. It has a sharpener and waterproof pamphlet included. The sheath holds the blade in place with no noise.

The stainless steel texture of the blade will protect it. It will also keep it from rusting and becoming corroded. This will allow the knife and the blade to be used for a long time without any problems.

It also helps to keep the blade sharp and requires less sharpening. It has been tested for cutting rope, cord, line and other types of thickness. It can be sued for food preparation and cooking.

The knife is also a great source of protection. This is great to have in any survival situation. Customers have given the knife a high-quality review and it would be recommended to other people.

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