How To Start Hiking – A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

Trying to find a way back to a better lifestyle, a healthier one will help you figure this out. Hiking will work wonders on your mind, your body, and especially your soul. Hiking is a great way to be outdoors and enjoy life to its fullest, especially what it has to offer in landscape and the environment.

How long you decide to do this will depend on what you do while your hiking.

It’s not a race nor is it a place to overexert your body. In fact, what do you think of when you go hiking? You may think of travelers trekking with hiking boots, shorts, a filled up backpack, and a funny looking fishing cap with lures and hooks on them.

Binoculars would be hung around your neck while you hold some sort of walking (crooked) wooden stick. It will help you climb uphill in some of the roughest looking terrain in the backwoods.

Decide if you’ll be hiking solo or with a friend/group        

If you’ll be hiking alone, have a mobile with you. Today it’s a wise thing to do but make sure you have a charger which doesn’t require an electric outlet.

Group Hiking

You can find these at your local outdoor sports store or search online for them. However, it also wise to do “the buddy system” since you are wanting to know how to begin hiking, especially if you are on a hike trail.

The journey is a stretch if you are out of shape. Yet for a better lifestyle and a healthier one, you will not regret spending time with Mother Nature.

Hiking is considered fun for those who love outdoors. How to begin hiking is easy for those who love the great outdoors, but for those who rarely frequent with Mother Nature, will experience a different vibe.

In fact, when you look at it this way, naturally you’ll stay indoors. Do not think of hiking solo or with a friend or group as a workout. However, when you think of it as a soul searching, physical training, and mental training experience, you’ll enjoy it way more.

Pick Your Hiking Location

Pick out where your hiking location will take place. First of all, do you have parks with trails around where you live? Does your city provide a hiking trail nearby? You can search for keywords such as “local hiking trails” plus enter your city name and see what results you get.

If there really isn’t any parks or local hike trails, then do a broader search by putting in the state you live in with the same but looking like this: “State hiking trails in [state name]”. You also want people to know that you are at a certain location for extra precaution.

What To Pack

A small backpack will be needed for your hiking day necessities. You’ll soon realize that there’s some things you can’t live without when hiking through the woods.

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Here’s a small list of what you need on your venture in how to begin hiking venture. First thing is first, and that is packing a camera and binoculars to enjoy the scenery and snap a few environmental photography shots. Next is packing the water which you must have for rehydration purposes.

Here are the rest of the essentials to pack on the “how to begin hiking” process.

First aid – A requirement for all hikers whether you are a guru or not, you must have this emergency first aid kit

first aid

You can buy them at your local sports store or create one. Normally what you need in a first aid kit are the following items.

  • Antiseptic alcohol
  • Bandages or band-aides
  • Cotton or swabs
  • Tweezers / scissors
  • Mosquito repellant

Pocket knife – This can be a lifesaver for you. A pocketknife has all the essential tools you’ll need to make a smoother hike.

Pocket knife

Normally, a pocket knife, such as a “swiss army knife,” will have a sharp knife, scissors, a corkscrew, a toothpick, flathead and phillips screwdriver, …etc.

Food! – Naturally, if you are not a hunter or fisherman, you’ll have to pack food for yourself. Otherwise, “hap at it” since you can catch your own fish (if there’s a creek or lake with schools of various fish in it).

The same goes for hunting, but remember you’ll have to take your hunting gear, plus clean it. If this is a day hike, you’ll save time and energy by taking your own food.

Socks – These are essential since you’ll be walking a lot. When you go hiking, regardless of it’s chilly outside or not, your feet will sweat because of the workout you are doing.

You need to freshen up your feet when you feel this happening since hikers are prone to developing athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is the development of fungi around, the middle, and the bottom of the feet and toe area.

Infection soon can develop thereafter so it’s best to prevent the entire ordeal by changing your socks regularly while going on a long hike.

Big clunky hiking boots – You have to wear boots since you’ll be hiking in the wilderness. There’s roots sticking out of aged old trees that can snap back at your ankles.

Hiking Boots

With hiking boots, they’re exclusively for hiking. There’s a reason why they were made for this. They’re thick, durable, and have traction for rough terrain. In fact, these may give you way more support than needed, but they’re better than sneakers.

You definitely want to protect your ankles, therefore wearing boots will do this for you. If you find they aren’t suitable because of the weight, simply think of it this way, you’ll be working out your leg muscles without even trying with “clunky” hiking boots known to be heavy.

Your fitness level – Fitness gurus admit that when they do not work out for months, they have to start from the beginning. In fact, they start out slowly and work up a good enough pace to be able to get back into the “swing of things” once again.

It really falls on endurance and the ability to pace yourself at the level you are in. Don’t worry about hiking a National Forest for now, think about walking through local parks or wilderness parks closer to the city before you begin going out into National Parks to hike.

Focus on every step of the way. Breathing slowly from the start and taking those peaceful strdes in order to avoid any muscle fatigue helps.

Finally, hiking is an environmental walking stretch which will begin like a workout but soon thereafter you’ll enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The environment plays tribute to soul searching and surviving in the wilderness.

During the closing of every winter season, it’s great to play tribute to Mother Nature and enjoy her offerings. The scenery, the air, the lakes, or creeks, and most of all the solitude is what you’ll cherish the most.

Since the winter will be closing in on us in less than a month, knowing you can live a healthy lifestyle once the weather lifts up, begin hiking as a growing self-improvement feat that you’ll adore regularly.

It’s time to recognize hiking will do you justice by the end of the day. Even for your loved ones, your family, your peace of mind, it’s a way to get “in-tune with the world” around you!

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