How to Clean a Tent after Camping?

If you love adventure, we know you love camping and hiking. Living in the woods is as great as it sounds. Imagine putting in tents in the middle of the woods to stay amidst nature - it's as exciting as it sounds!

The problem is - how do you clean up the tent once you're done camping? You would probably want to use the tent the next time as well, and it's important that you do it right.

How to Clean a Tent after Camping?

Here we bring a list of easy and effective ways to keep your tent clean after camping.

Shake the dirt out

You will need to ensure that your tent is working as it should. To do that, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure that your tent is clear from all the dust.

Before you pack the tent shake off all the dirt and debris on it. A freestanding tent is easier to clean as the poles will hold the tent while you can remove all the trash from it.

Check for any wear and tear. It might be that some part of the tent has worn out during your stay. It could be because you didn't set it up properly or things like ashes falling into a certain part of the tent. In any case, you would need to ensure that you have identified all these spots that need care.

Dry it out before stacking inside

If you have been camping outdoors and it's raining, here is a word of caution - do not at any time fold the tent when it is wet.

It is a must to dry up the tent before rolling it. The moisture left on the tent can damage the fabric. You can hang the tent on the tree but be careful of the small twigs which may cause a scratch on the fabric. If you are packing it wet make sure it to dry it as soon as you reach you home.

Never machine dry the tent

While you might want to clean the tent in the easiest way possible - by just sending it for machine cleaning, it is possibly the worst thing that you could do when it comes to maintaining your tent.

The machine dry technique can tear off the fabric and stretch it to cause mesh and seams. The dryers generate heat which can also cause severe damage to the tent.

Instead, you would need to hand wash the train in your home if you want the tent to last long. It's time consuming but it's the best way to take care of your tent.

Clean of the zippers

Go over an extra mile to clean your tent. Brush off the dirt in the zippers and poles, you can use lubricant for better results.

Cleaning the zippers will ensure that you do not have to worry about opening up the tent each time. If you do not take care of it, you are sure to face problems when taking care of your tent - and it could take a while to open and close the tent each time you go outdoors.

Spray on fabric treatment

Make your tent waterproof and safe from UV protection when you go for the next trip to the woods with Nikwax Tent and Gear Solar Proof which will make your tent strong in any harsh weather condition.

It protects against any UV damage to the fabric and is biodegradable, containing no fluorocarbons. You can even apply it to wet fabric.

The spray can work wonders and prolong your tent's life significantly.

Your tents needs your care after every trip. After camping, the harsh weather and other things make the tents weak. The more you take care of the tent, the better will it serve you. Make sure to clean the tent before stacking it in the store.

Daniel Ryan

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