Different kinds of Family Tents for Camping

Tents are one of the essential things that should be carried along with you while going on for camping. They are classified into different categories, and each one has its pros and cons. Let us see them in detail:

Dome Tents:

These tents are perfect for group and family campers as they can provide immense space area, large head room and extra spaces for storing your gears and equipment.

Best Dome Tents :-

When compared to other styles, these tents are sturdier enough to tolerate any adverse condition. They are free standing and can be moved easily.

Being resistance to all sorts of weather, the dome tents are available in larger sizes.

Dome tents usually have four or six supporting poles, but they are susceptible to adverse weather. The dome tents with six poles are usually hexagonal in shape and are perfect to store all your equipment and gears inside.

 Pop Up Tents :-

These tents are lightweight, collapsible tents, but they are easier to carry around on the camper’s back. This frame includes flexible hoops that could make the tent popped up while unpacking.

It is not appropriate for heavy weather or high winds because of the flexibility of the tent.

Tunnel tents are known to offer a great stability when they are pitched into impending winds. It is important to position the tent correction as it is less steady when compared to other tents.

They are made out of more than two poles and have more head room and interior space when compared to other types of tents.

The overall durability and strength of the tunnel tents depend greatly on its poles, size and the quality of materials used. They are usually smaller and can accommodate only one or two people.

A- Frame Tents :-

This is one of the most common and the simplest family camping tent which has been opted for by a huge number of people. They usually have four sides as well as a floor to keep other things such as animals out.

A-frame tents are extremely versatile as they are easy to set up and come with a decent amount of room for the head at the center.

It also has higher resistance to adverse weather condition. It is quite smaller, and so, it may not be appropriate for a family with 4 to 5 members. But these tents are best for campers who need tents apt for many environments.

Hoop Tents:

Hoop Tents :-

This is one of the lightest and the most compact style of tents available today. These tents include curved poles at every end and so, you should stake them carefully to retain its shape and maintain its stability.

They also include three arched frames offering more head rooms and interior space. However, it cannot tolerate heavy weather condition if it is not staked properly.

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