Grizzly Blue Multi Purpose Waterproof Poly Tarp review

Grizzly Tarps-best heavy duty tarp

Thanks to the invention of Grizzly Tarps 9×12 feet blue multipurpose poly tarp now we have an excellent tarp for emergency covers of our values. The tarp is washable which makes it easy to maintain.

Whether you want to use if for covering your vehicle, boat or for camping purposes during the rainy and sunny areas, the tarp cover will provide excellent shade.

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The price is another superb thing that will attract a lot of customers. For a beginner, you don’t have to worry regarding how to set up the tent. This is because it is easy to set up and off.

It has all the required accessories plus the product comes with a user manual for instructions. It is light in weight hence carrying packing and setting up is pretty straightforward.

It can be set up by one individual. Below are essential features that make Grizzly tarp stand out from other tarps.


This is one of the most convenient features of the tarp since it gives you the opportunity of using it at any time or day. The tent is crafted with waterproof material that prevents water from passing through.

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The tarp consists of 5 mils waterproof material. Therefore if there is rain you can comfortably use the tarp to either protect your boat, vehicle or camping tent from the storms.

The fact that the tarp is waterproof makes it durable as well since it cannot be damaged by the rain which is the leading element that destroys tarps.


Note that the tarp is foldable hence allows one to fold it to a small size for easy carrying. Also, the item weighs about 2.5 pounds which makes it pretty much easy to carry around.

If you want to use the tarp for camping, just slip it into your camping bag as it does not occupy a large storage space.


Versatility is one of the crucial thing that a lot of customers look out for when buying such items. Having a multipurpose tarp is essential since you can use it for many reasons and many times as well.

Well, to serve such customers, Grizzly tarp is designed for these purposes. It is ideal for covering various items such as the boats, vehicles, tents, and it can also be used to shield a roof that is leaking during the rainy seasons.

If you are carrying wet substances with your car, you can use the tarp to shield the vehicle from getting wetness. Some of the elements that the tarp protects from are the rains, wind, sunlight burns among others.

Easy to use-

First off setting up the tarp is very easy since it is packed with all the necessary elements for setting up.

Such factors include the grommets that ensure that the tarp is securely tied down to the floor and cannot be swayed by the wind and heavy rains. Setting up can be done by one individual or two if you want the job done fast.

Also, Grizzly tarp is washable meaning in the case where it gets dusty or muddy; you can quickly clean it. This prolongs the durability of the tarp as you can maintain it in the good and clean state.

Durable materials-

The grizzly tarp is crafted using a sturdy 8×8 sq inch polythene weave material that makes it sturdy and durable even when used in extreme weather condition such as the rains and sun lights.

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The material is also durable such that it cannot quickly fade. Therefore, with a grizzly tarp, you are guaranteed long-term services.


  • checkThe grizzly tarp is versatile.( It can be used for many services and during various situations)
  • checkConsist of durable and robust material.
  • checkIt is easy to clean and maintain.
  • checkLightweight that makes carrying and setting up easy.
  • checkIt is waterproof meaning it can withstand heavy rains.
  • checkThe tarp is packed with all the required accessories for stable set up.
  • checkIt is small in size hence does not need large storage space.


  • It is too thin.( This is one of the greatest draws back that this tarp has and a lot of customers have noticed).

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does the tarp have middle grommets?

Answer: No the tarp is only designed with side grommets just

What can I use the tarp for?

Answer: The tarp is quite versatile since you can use it to cover your vehicles, like a tent mat when camping, like a tent shield during the windy seasons and also it can be used to cover other items on the outdoor areas.

Does the tarp come in a standard size

Answer: No the tarps are crafted in different sizes for customers to select depending on their preferences and the size they want to cover.

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If you are looking for a reliable tarp that you can use to cover a wide range of items at any time of the day, get yourself this reliable and great Grizzly poly tarp.

The fact that the item is waterproof makes it ideal for different weather conditions. You can wash it and can be used during the sunny days without fading at all.

The tarp is light in weight and setting up can be done by one individual hence making it convenient for all homes. The price is affordable since it will cost you less than 20 dollars to acquire this magnificent tarp

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