Kelty Callisto 20 Review

Kelty Callisto 20

The Kelty Callisto 20 is a remarkable sleeping bag. It is one of the best of its type with high quality and comfort. It will keep you warm during the cold night air and is a cozy fit to your body.

The sleeping bag is very affordable and durably constructed.

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This bag holds a normal size person with room to stretch and has a unique rectangular shape.

It is made of a material that is light and synthetic. This makes it easy to carry and can be taken on any adventure.

It offers support for any type of outdoor and indoor use. The sleeping bag is easy to maintain, keep clean, and store away when not in use.

A high-quality sleeping bag is important for cooler temperatures. The quality and structure of the bag make a big difference when you depend on it to keep warm.

This sleeping bag has been proven by consumers to keep your body heat inside and cool air out.

Exceptional Value

The Kelty Callisto 20 sleeping bag is considered to be a high-value product; due to the type of sleep performance it offers. It had been picked as an award-winning sleeping bag in every area of construction. This bag is designed differently than most sleeping bags.

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It has a unique rectangular shape that makes it easier to use in many different areas.

The shape also helps trap heat for maximum sleeping ability. Another feature that makes this bag have a positive value is how light it is to carry.​


This type of bag is a great choice for cooler mountain temperatures. It allows you to have a full night’s rest without waking up cold and shivering.

The inside of the bag has a thick insulation material that traps the heat into the bag to keep you completely cozy.

The second layer of insulation’s helps trap the heat to keep you snug. Being able to sleep in this bag will reduce the need to put layers of clothes on at night to keep warm. With the heat holding abilityyou can sleep in normal clothes without being weighed down.


Not only does this sleeping bag offer a comfortable padding, but it offers room to move around. This bag is great for any sleeping adventure. It can be used inside a vehicle for a relaxing sleep and it can be used outside under the stars. No matter where you want to sleep this bag will provide the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep.

It has several zippers which allow you to open the bottom to receive cool air while you are sleeping. You can use it as a sleeping bag or unzip it for a convenient blanket to cover up with.


The Kelty Callisto 20 can be easily packed in a light bag for easy transport and carrying needs. It takes up less room for storage and can be kept virtually anywhere until you need it. If you want to hike through trails to camp for the night; this bag can be lightly carried with you.

It can be folded up tight and gently inserted into its carrying sack to continue on your journey. The bag is extremely compact. Once you need to use it; the bag can be quickly unrolled for a good night’s sleep.

Built-in Accessories

The opening of the bag at the top is adjustable with is a unique accessory feature. At the bottom and sides of the sleeping bag are several loopholes. The loops at the bottom of the bag are used normally for hanging up the bag and letting it air out any dampness or musty smell.

There are several zippers that are constructed on the bag for air flow. They have been tested and designed to slide freely for a simple zipper pull every time. These zippers were also made to be snag proof for long lasting use and performance.


  • Comfortable for a great quality sleep
  • Double layer of insulation for maximum warmth.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry when you’re on the go.
  • It has snag-free zippers that are easy to use.
  • Loops are embedded into the sides and bottom of bag to hang up or air out.
  • Can be used in any sleeping environment.


  • Not as wide as regular bags.
  • Does not offer much room for a bigger or wider individual.

Final Verdict

The Kelty Callisto 22 sleeping bag has many magnificent qualities for its price. The review above explains why this sleeping bag was chosen as an awarding winning option for warmth, comfort, durability, and lightweight for easy transport.

This sleeping bag has proven to be a high-quality product with many beneficial features. It can be combined to make a two person sleeping bag for you and your other half to sleep together. The sleeping bags can be zipped together to make a bigger bag for two people.

Staying warm will make a big difference when wanting to accomplish an effective good night’s rest. This bag offers that warmth and comfort with ever use and can be used for any type of sleeping needs.