The Best Survival Straw Filter on The Market-Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Review

Lifestraw personal water filter is undoubtedly one of the best survival kits in the world. The water filtering gadget enables users to drink water safely from any contaminated source, for example, swamps, dams and rivers. Lifestraw is commonly used during times of disaster or when there is a need for an emergency preparedness.Additionally, hikers and campers use this lightweight device to drink water from sources that they are not sure about safety levels of the water or worry about the quality of local bottled water in unknown regions.

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Lifestraw is the most advanced personal water filter available in the modern world. It surpasses the EPA guidelines for E. coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium oocysts which are stringent standards for water filtration gadgets.

Lifestraw is manufactured by Vestergaard Frandsen based in Switzerland. The company specialises in disease control products for developing countries, putting Lifestraw in the forefront in helping these states in attaining United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals for clean drinking water.


Sturdy Construction

Lifestraw offers a compact solution for clean drinking water in the field. It can be traced from the lightweight plastic used in its outer construction of only 9 inches in length and a weight of only 2 ounces or 57 grammes. The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry along, eliminating the need to carry heavy water bottles around.

It has two openings, with the upper one serving as the mouthpiece when one is sipping water, and the bottom opening being the water inlet. The parts do not require any replacement as they do not wear out.

Chemicals and BPA-free

Lifestraw survival kit uses no chemicals in filtering waterfrom any contaminated source. The absence of chemicals makes its BPA-free.

Water is drawn up through the straw, passing through hollow fibres then filter water particles down to 0.2 microns across, using only physical filtration methods hence eliminating any chances of incorporating chemicals to purify the water.

Moreover, you also do not need to add any chemicals in the drinking gadget, meaning that you should not worry about expiry of anything in the gadget. You only have to maintain its cleanliness for the next use. There is no recharging or battery use of any part in the end.

Filters Up to 1000 litres of Water

The entire process is powered by suction, which is similar to using a conventional drinking straw, hence filtering up to 1000 litres of water.

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If you love maintaining the recommended daily three or four litres of water while hiking or camping, Lifestraw will go for between 250-330 days of use.If you are in a hurry, you only have to scoop your water bottle full, sip from it while walking or sitting until you are fully hydrated.

Alternatively, dip the bottom end of the straw right into the lake and drink your water.

Filters Down to an incredible 0.2 microns in Size

Lifestraw is designed in a manner meant to provide users with convenience and safety when drinking contaminated water.

As for ease of reference, the drinking gadget removes virtually the parasites, bacteria and protozoa, up to 99.9% of such contamination in water. Also, Lifestraw also reduces the turbidity or muddiness in water by filtering out suspended particles.​

Some of the bacteria removed include from water include; Escherichia coli, Campylobacter, Vibrio cholera, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Shigella and Salmonella.

As for protozoa, those removed by Lifestraw include; Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium Parvum and Entamoeba histolytica. However, Lifestraw cannot filter salts, chlorine and other chemicals from water.

High Flow Rate

Lifestraw offers a very high flow rate when one is using the device. The reason behind the flow rate is because of the hollow fibre membranes in the straw traps pathogens from the water, allowing only clean water escape.More fundamentally is that there is no after taste after using the straw.

There is no iodine or chlorine is used in the water straw. When cleaning the drinking gadget, only back flushing method is applied to clean the filter. Rinse it with clean water and uncap it and leave it to dry thoroughly.

Through this, you will eliminate chances of odour building up inside the straw.


  • Reduces turbidity in water.
  • Lightweight drinking straw.
  • No added chemicals.
  • Very high flow rate.
  • Very durable and easy to clean.
  • No shelf life.


  • Cannot filter chlorides and iodides in water.
  • Fragile plastic parts make it not safe for dishwasher cleaning.

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Frequently asked questions ( FAQ’s)

Is Lifestraw BPA Free?

The Straw is BPA-free and completely safe to drink through.

Is Lifestraw dishwasher safe?

It is not dishwasher safe, since the heat from the machine may make Lifestraw warp causing damage in its fine filter.

Will Lifestraw work on low-level radiation-contaminated water from taps?

No. However, the low-level radiation from tap water is not that high.

What is the shelf life of Lifestraw?

Lifestraw does not have a shelf life since there are no organics or otherwise unstable elements in the unit.


Lifestraw is internationally recognized for its effective and instant method of bacteria and protozoa removal not mentioning consumer acceptability.

It has made Lifestraw win several awards such as the 2008 Saatchi and Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas, the ‘IDEX: 2005’ International Design Award and Best Invention of 2005 by the Time Magazine.

The manufacturer also ensures buyers are completely satisfied with every purchase made. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we will exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

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