MSR Dragonfly Review-2016

MSR Dragonfly Review

[easyazon_link identifier=”B000BBGQ7O” locale=”US” tag=”hikingcampingguide-20″]MSR Dragonfly Stove[/easyazon_link] is a unique and handy stove. It is designed for durability and functionality for cooking needs. This type of stove producing astonishing simmering ability for food preparation. This product opens up a variety of food options when camping outdoors. No need to live off of hot dogs for weeks at a time.

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Now you can make meals that were fit for a king. Meals can include pizza and other mouthwatering meals. Once you cook a meal with the MSR Dragonfly stove; your friends will consider you a professional chef.

This product is great to use for any outdoor adventure. Take a camping trip for months at a time will be a breeze with having this stove among your supplies. You can create virtually anything with the simmering effect and a variety of temperature settings and controls. The cooking ability that the MSR Dragonfly offers is similar to cooking over a regular stove top.

Multiple Fuel Options

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The MSR Dragonfly stove can operate on different fuel types. This is convenient if you only have one type of fuel around in the middle of the woods. The fuels that it takes to cook with are kerosene, auto, jet, white gas, and diesel. Any of these types of fuels will work just fine to operate the stove and prepare food with. The fuel options for this type of stove is more efficient than canister stoves.

Wide Support for Pots

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The product includes three extra large pot and pan supports for convenient cooking. This is a great feature because it allows a variety of foods to be cooked and does not limit the type of food that can be prepared.

The wider support for pots is versatile for frying pans as well. It is a nice choice to use when cooking for a large number of people. The wide pot support makes it easier to cook pancakes for breakfast, and fish for lunch. The different size support works nicely for cooking, baking, boiling, and simmering.

Shaker Jet Self Clean

The Shaker Jet Self Clean makes it easy to keep the jet free of debris. To easily clean the jet, just shake it to loosen and release the ashes from the device. Many items such as dirt, dust, food particles and ashes can get clogged up in the jet, which will cause it to not want to work as it should.

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Cleaning the jet regularly will keep the MSR Dragonfly stove performing as it should. This will also keep the device cooking perfectly and maintaining the fuel supply to the stove.

Fuel Valve Adjustment

The unique fuel valve optimization on the stove enables for proficient temperature maximization. The setting and controls on the stove allow for temperature changes to be made as you cook.

It helps to use this option to bake, boil, simmer, and cook food. This allows the food to cook until it is completely done, tender, moist, and tender.

By being able to adjust the heat flow for appropriate cooking it makes it less likely to burn the food you’re preparing or to have it under cooked. The flame setting on the fuel valve is a wonderful feature to have and use for any type of food preparation.

Durable Construction

The stove is completely durable and safe. It is constructed for rugged use and stable cooking power. The platform of the stove is secure and the arm base is closer to ground level.

This allows different size pots to sit on the stove for proper cooking. The construction of the stove is made to take apart and carry for easier transport.

The frame of the stove was designed to hold the weight of the food and pans while cooking with heat. It keeps the heat in the stove and is securely made flame and fire protection.


  • Temperature control for simmer, cooking, boiling, and baking
  • Durable platform for convenient use and steady surface.
  • Multiple types of fuel can be used.
  • Shaker Jet is easy to keep clean
  • Compacted and quick assembly for transport.
  • Wide support for different size cooking pans.
  • Manufactured to cook large meals for big groups of people
  • Works well in outdoor settings


  • The stove is loud and noisy when in use
  • Bulky and heavier to carry
  • Not sufficient for backpacking to different locations

What does this come with?

The stove comes with the same stuff as REI. It includes a sack, pump, tools, windscreen, and heat reflector. Fuel bottle is not included; it is sold separately.

How heavy is the stove in grams?

The stove it 401 grams. It is a lightweight stove.

Final Verdict

[easyazon_link identifier=”B000BBGQ7O” locale=”US” tag=”hikingcampingguide-20″]The MSR Dragonfly is a unique and versatile stove[/easyazon_link]. It has many wonderful qualities and features. People who have used this stove are very pleased with the way it operates and cook’s food.

The stove id designed for cooking a variety of foods which is wonderful to have when you’re in the woods or on a long camping adventure.

The stove has been chosen as one of the best items to use and it the multiple fuel options makes it a dream to have around. The temperature control allows for different types of food to be thoroughly cooked, baked, boiled, and simmered for convenience.

The stove meets expectations of food preparation and is safe and durable. The review above reflects the best qualities of this product and the benefits that it has to offer. An MSR Dragonfly review explains the uniqueness of this product and what makes it a great stove to use.

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