MSR Windburner Review – 2018

MSR Windburner Review

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00Y143XF0″ locale=”US” tag=”hikingcampingguide-20″]The MSR Windburner[/easyazon_link] has become one of the most popular outdoor personal stove systems despite its name change. The stove has been built around windproof-capability and super fuel-efficient burner designed for people who love to camp or hike up the mountains.

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​In a market that is constantly flooding with new products offering similar features, MSR has outdone itself.

Instead of offering an identical product, it has actually listened to its customers and solved problems found in the previous version.

The MSR Windburner stove is an all-in-one cook set which delivers hot food quickly and effectively. 

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According to MSR Windburner review, the turnaround many campers have experienced after using the wind burner stove is around 2.5 minutes.

It utilizes the radiant burner stove which locks directly on the cook pot. This prevents heat loss to the surrounding air.

MSR had to change the name of its product from “Windboiler” to “Windburner” because JetBoil sued in 2015 regarding the name used previously by MSR.

Product features and benefits

1 Liter Pot

 [easyazon_link identifier=”B00Y143XF0″ locale=”US” tag=”hikingcampingguide-20″]The MSR Windburner[/easyazon_link] comes with a 1 liter pot/cup that is useful especially when you want to boil water or reheat food.

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The pot is fitted with fins at the bottom which allows it to absorb the heat as well as keep the contents warm even after the burner has been shut off. This helps to save energy as the user does not have to reheat theleft overs again.

The pot is wrapped with nylon which helps to maintain the warmth of the pot when one is rehydrating food. The nylon wrap also prevents one from burning themselves and getting injured in the process.

It is fitted with a cozy handle that is quite rigid and provides support especially when one is carrying or pouring hot liquids. The 1-liter pot can prepare around 3 to 4 cups of boiling water.

BPA free plastic lid

​In order to reheat or boil water faster, a lid is required which covers the top of the pot. This eliminates the escape of moisture into the atmosphere and would result in wastage of energy as the pot will have to take a long time in order to boil or reheat food.

According to MSR Windburner review, the plastic lid is BPA free which assures the user of no toxins being present in the food.

It has an inbuilt strainer which can be used to filter water or other liquids. The sprout designed into the lid allows for easy pouring and a pressure vent is available too to reduce the pressure of steam during boiling or reheating.

Canister stand

It has a canister stand that supports the pot and helps to ensure that it stays steady. When one has fully assembled the Windburner and filled the pot with water, the top section becomes heavy. This is where a canister stand comes in as a safety feature.

While many people will simply dismiss the canister stand as an unnecessary weight, it is valuable.

This is because it helps to stabilize the stove and prevent any occurrence of knocking over the stove accidentally. This will not only lead to the spilling of the contents but it could lead to a fire especially if the stove comes into contact with dry leaves.


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Itis uses a mixture of butane and propane which acts as the fuel. Both gases help to heat the gauze which results in high temperatures being generated. The fuel is stored in a separate canister that acts as the base of the stove. The canister is printed with useful instructions and safety information that should be followed well in order to prevent any accidents.

Butane and propane are quite flammable and improper use of the canister could lead to an explosion orother form of accident. It is important to store the canister with fuel according to the manufacturer’s instruction. These instructions have been formulated with the outdoor lover in mind. The stove has a fuel pressure regulator that is used to control fuel delivery.

Reactor system

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According to MSR Windburner review, the stove uses the Reactor system which does not work like a conventional flame burner. Instead, it heats the gauze which is imprinted with the MSR logo. When the gauze is heated, it emits a quiet and nice red glow.

Thanks to conventional currents, heat is transferred from the gauze to the fins beneath the cup. This is how the system is able to boil water and also reheat food.

Thanks to the Reactor system, water gets t boil within 2.5 minutes even in a low altitude region. The gauze also helps to disperse the flame evenly creating a better and efficient heat distribution across the bottom of the cup.


  • It boils water efficiently thanks to the Reactor system
  • It is a compact and well integrated stove that helps to make work easier.
  • It is relatively quite during operationd.
  • It is easy to pack as the small canister can fit into the pot plus its components which allow for easier transportation.
  • It performs well even when wind is present.


  • It is quite heavy at around 16 pounds
  • You have to remember to tighten the handle before attaching the canister

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the stove self lighting or do you require a match?

The stove does not have a self-igniter and it requires matches or a lighter in order light it up.

Can you use a pan or skillet with this stove model?

Yes, you can but you have to purchase the pot support accessory which is sold separately.

Can the stove use an 8 ounce canister?

Yes, it can. According to the instructions, it is recommended to use a 4 ounce canister or an8 ounce fuel canister

Final Verdict

 [easyazon_link identifier=”B00Y143XF0″ locale=”US” tag=”hikingcampingguide-20″]The MSR Windburner personal stove [/easyazon_link] is a great and perfectly adequate canister stove. It can be used to boil water or rehydrate freezer bag meals.

It uses the Reactor system to generate heat which results in the heating of the gauze and the transfer of heat to the pot. This is how it gets to boil water within 2.5 minutes. Despite this, its weight at 16.75 ounces can be said tobe a little heavy which makes it less convenient.

It does not have a self-starter igniter or simmering capability. I love the design of the Windburner stove especially its ease of storage which saves space and allows for easy transportation. All in all, I recommend this personal stove to buyers