10 Best Pop Up Tent Options For Camping

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Every animal needs shelter. Bees hive their hives, rabbits have their warrens, snails have their shells, and beetles have their burrows.

Human beings have houses, but these are relatively new inventions if we take a zoomed out, developmental perspective on humankind.

The modern rat race assumes that everyone ought to work for four walls, a roof, and foundation, but human beings have been inhabiting pop up tents for much longer than they have been building carpentered houses.

How Technology Improves The Enjoyment Of Nature

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We are far from Luddites! We believe in letting technology ease the woes of humanity. That’s why we love pop up tents that set up quick, aren’t easily toppled, and provide warmth and shelter.

It may seem that to warm yourself or keep yourself dry from the rain, you’ve got to be holding down a nine to five to pay off the monthly rent or mortgage that allows you to be inside a home.Not so! A pop up tent provides a nearly instant shelter that is portable to boot. Equip yourself with a pop up tent, throw it in your pack, and assure yourself that you’ll have a place to lay your head come nightfall, no matter where you are. Pop up tents provide more than just an adventure; they offer you freedom.It is our goal to allow as many of our readers to experience the sort of freedom that a pop up tent provides. To that end, we have evaluated a long list of pop up tents that we have narrowed down to a manageable ten.

We hope these entries will help you to navigate the vast array of pop up tent options on the internet and guide you towards purchasing the shelter of your dreams.But before we get into our list, let us first address some of the most frequently asked questions about pop up tents that we receive.

The Pop Up Tent FAQ

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What Exactly Is a Pop Up Tent?

A pop up tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of weather resistant material draped over or attached to a frame of poles. Pop up tents are meant primarily for recreational camping and are distinguished from other types of tents by their ease of setup.

Usually, a pop up tent will simply “pop up” when you know the trick to setting it in place. Some even whip themselves into shelter-shape by simply tossing them into the air.

What Good Does Camping Do?

One of the biggest advantages to getting out into the great outdoors is that you are allowed so many opportunities for green bathing.

What is green bathing, you ask? Well, green bathing is a phenomenon which is only recently gaining credence inside of Western psychological circles.

The Japanese have their own word for the concept that has been circulating in their language for much longer than “green bathing” has in English.Basically, to green bathe all you’ve got to do is get out among leaves, mosses, grasses, clovers, and ivy. Surrounding yourself with plants is not only psychologically relaxing, but you also absorb more oxygen since the plants are expelling it.

How Does Green Bathing Work?

The exact mechanism for why the body receives so many benefits for being among nature is unknown.

However, studies have shown that subjects who did yoga among trees developed more flexibility and strength than those who performed the same actions indoors.

Maybe this has to do with the amount of oxygen available in wooded environments, but whatever the reason, the evidence is quite promising that you should be getting out and camping with one of the best pop up tents available.

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Where Can You Buy Some of the Best Pop Up Tents?

Odds are, you can find a few of these models that we have listed at your local camping outfitter or athletic store.

However, if you have trouble finding them in brick and mortar stores, do not fear. For each item we’ve listed, we’ve also included a link to a place where you can buy the item online.

What Other Considerations Should I Make Before Buying a Tent?

Consider where you are likely to be camping. You won’t need an especially warm tent if you want to be out in the American Southlands. Conversely, you wouldn’t want an especially breezy tent if you are planning to be hiking the Cascade mountains.

Rain flies become essential for wet environments. Keep in mind that deserts can become freezing at night.

How We Reviewed

We employed a certified Eagle scout for this one. If anyone knows camping, its someone who had to camp umpteen times to earn such a rank.

This greatly helped us narrow down the types of pop up tents from seemingly endless to a manageable ten. These ten we’ve evaluated in terms of their features, use, pros, cons, price, and durability.

Overall Price Range Of This Product

For the occasional solo camping excursion, there’s little reason to spend more than $80 on a pop up tent.

However, if your environmental conditions demand extra prep, then you will be remiss if you spend too little and are left in the rain without a tarp or rain fly. The other main consideration for price is how many people will be joining you in the tent.

Certain models are simply too crowded when sheltering more than a given amount of bodies.

What We Reviewed

  • ​Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent
  • ​FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent
  • ​Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Seconds XL AIR III
  • ​Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent
  • ​Korotus 3-Person Family Camping Dome
  • ​G4Free Pop Up Tent 3-4 Person
  • ​Malamoo Mega 3 Second 4 Person Waterproof Tent
  • ​Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent
  • ​Wnnideo Instant Family Tent Automatic Pop Up Tents
  • ​Lot of 2 Instant Automatic Pop Up Tents

10 Best Pop Up Tent Options

Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent


Look no further because this automatic pop up tent will keep your camping trip going as smoothly as silk. It is lightweight and durable, so you can trust it like an old friend.

It also can hold around 2 or 4 people. So, grab a friend or two and go see some mountains in this well-priced shelter.


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Durable
  • ​Price


  • ​Smaller than some
  • ​Warranty

FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent

FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent (1-3 Person) - NO Assembly Required...
  • ⛺ EASY and STRESS FREE SET UP - Remove your instant, free-standing tent from the...
  • 👼 LET YOUR KIDS BE KIDS AGAIN - Set up camp in your backyard and have your kids leave...
  • 🍃 THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Openings on both the left and right sides are covered by a solid...


Forget about other tents that have caught your eye. This tent is easy to set up and “stress-free” for you and only you.

Additionally, this tent is kid-friendly, unlike so many others. The thoughtful design and multi-purpose nature keep you off your toes and on to better things. Let this tent be your next big win.


  • ​Kid-friendly
  • ​Easy setup
  • ​Stress-free


  • ​Price
  • ​Size

Quechua 2 Seconds XL Air III Pop Up Tent

No products found.


Easily sunburnt campers gather round! This tent will give you the UV protection you need.

Instant pitch, free-standing, and easy exit make this a tent you can learn to love more than you thought you ever could. It will help you get back to the places you crave, the great outdoors.


  • ​Easy exit
  • ​D shaped door
  • ​Easy setup


  • Availability
  • Price

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Seconds

Quechua 2 Seconds Easy II Fresh & Black 2 Man Waterproof Pop Up...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY / DISMANTLING Free-standing structure for easy set up and fold. Assembles in...
  • DARKNESS - FRESH & BLACK patented exterior fabric: 99% darkness even in broad daylight.
  • HEAT REDUCTION - Flysheet with 2 side panels that can be extended and fixed with side guy...


Boasting more features than most, this easy to set up tent is also easy to tear down when the trip is coming to a close. It takes literally 2 seconds for a fold and release.

Also, lightweight, the tent has almost total darkness in daylight, so you can sleep past dawn till noon. It also has heat reduction, waterproofing, and durability, making it a great choice if you have a little extra cash lying around the house.


  • Waterproof
  • 99% darkness
  • Waterproofing
  • Easy setup


  • Price range is huge
  • Some features only apply to some models

Korotus 3-Person Family Camping Dome Backpacking Instant Tent

Korotus 3-Person Fmaily Camping Dome Backpacking Instant Tent for...
  • ▶ PORTABLE AND EASY TO SET UP: Our tent is attached with a backpacking bag. It's...
  • ▶ UV PROTECTIVE & WATERPROOF MATERIAL: Tent External and bottom material are...
  • ▶ IMPRESSIVE VENTILATION DESIGN: Two D-style doors and large mesh window panels...


Korotus is another tent that boasts the easy set up within the average price range. Additionally, this tent has UV protection and waterproofing, making it a great choice for everyone. Comfortable and spacious, you will not be disappointed by this purchase.


  • ​Price
  • ​Features
  • ​Waterproofing
  • ​UV protection


  • ​Less features than other more expensive options
  • ​Questionable quality

G4Free Pop up Tents Ventilated 2 Doors

G4Free Pop Up Tent Beach Cabana Instant Backpacking Sun Shelter Water...
  • 【Spacious Space & Pop-up Design】: The pop up tent size: 95"x71"x39" (L x W x H). The...
  • 【Excellent Ventilation & Versatile】: Two mesh doors, two mesh window and a mesh roof...
  • 【Double Doors& Privacy】: With double big D-shape doors on the front and the back,...


While this tent is an easy pop, the manufacturers recommend that you watch some youtube setups of the tent before trying it in the hills.

Hey, but what a great excuse to lay on the couch for a minute or two, guilt-free. Additionally, the tent is water resistant and has UV coating to keep you safe.


  • ​UV protection
  • ​Water resistant
  • ​Easy pop-up


  • May require Youtube
  • Price

Malamoo Mega 3 Second 4 Person Waterproof Tent

Malamoo Mega 3 Second 4 Person Waterproof Tent
  • 3 Second Pop Up Tent - No Assembly Required
  • Attached Front Vestibule for Gear Storage or a place for your Pet
  • 100% Waterproof with Built in Rain Fly


This tent, too, has a 3 Second Pop Up feature. It even has a place for your pet or estranged relative you happen to be camping with.

Additionally, it is 100% Waterproof with Built-in Rain Fly for all the comfort you need in the great outdoors. It can fit 4 adults and a pet.


  • 3-second pop up
  • Rain fly
  • Sleeps 4 and a pet


  • Features compared to some
  • Price

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent, Green
  • 4-Person Pop-Up Tent
  • Pre-assembled poles for easy 10-second setup
  • Taped floor seams help keep you dry


A classic 4-Person Pop-Up tent, this is a great choice for your next camping trip. It comes pre-assembled poles for an easy, 10-second setup.

It also has all the features you are looking for to keep you dry and vented on your night under the stars. It even has pocket organizers!


  • ​Pocket organizers
  • ​4 person tent
  • ​Features, features, features


  • ​Price for size
  • ​Not UV coated

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent Automatic Pop Up Tents

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent Automatic Pop Up Tents for Outdoor Sports...
  • This lightweight 4-person pop up tent with 2 large D-style door and all sides go all the...
  • Seamed floor and Pre-assembled poles make this tent a easy 10-second setup integrated...
  • Dome top design perform as well on wind resistance as Pyramid shaped shelter. Hexagon...


The tent you have been waiting for, it has Elasticized Fabric and an instant set up available. Boasting a waterproof and wind strong design, you will be impressed. You can fish, camp, hike, and cook with this all-inclusive camping tent.


  • Inclusive package
  • Nearly instant set up
  • Elasticized fabric


  • Price for size
  • Warranty

Lot Of 2 Instant Automatic Pop Up Tents

Lot Of 2

Image via campingtents-store.com


Boasting a unique automatic pole system and a one-piece design, this is surely the tent for you. It will hold a few adults and only weighs 8 pounds, so you know it is a great deal. Expect comfort and style when you buy this tent for your next camping excursion.


  • Lightweight
  • Nearly instant set up
  • One piece design


  • Availability
  • Price

The Verdict

When comparing features, price, warranty, and ease, we decided that the Korotus 3-Person Family Camping Dome was the tent to buy. It is absolutely a tent to camp in with the best price for features ratio.

However, if you want all the bells and whistles and extras, then look to other tents on our list. They all have their pros and cons to be sure.

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