Slumberjack country squire 20 Degree review

We are giving off this [easyazon_link identifier="B0068BFLVI" locale="US" tag="hikingcampingguide-20"]Slumberjack Country Squire Review[/easyazon_link] to give you an idea about this great camping sleeping bag. While it is not the ideal sleeping bag if you are doing to a backpacking trip, it is still the best when you are seeking for comfort and coziness.

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The Slumberjack Country Squire is perfect if you are bringing your vehicle with you in your camping. This is also an excellent choice if carrying additional weight or bulk does not bother you at all.

This car camping comforter is already a "highly recommended product" from online shopping sites like and Active Junky. We couldn't blame them for that since this sleeping bag offers a lot of features to make your camping nights comfortable and warm.

In this Slumberjack Country Squire review, we will provide all of the features of this product that makes it as a must-have camping necessity.

Quality Insulation

Sleeping outdoors is an arduous task if you don't have a quality comforter with you. While outdoors, the cold nights will certainly send chills over your body, hence making you sleepless.

However, if you have the Slumberjack Country Squire, it is a different story. This sleeping bag has a Slumbersoft Synthetic Insulation that can keep you warm even in the freezing nights. Apparently, it can neutralize cold temperatures of up to -20 degree Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the same insulation can also keep the moist from entering. Therefore, you won't wake up with a swampy feeling if you are in this cozy sleeping bag.

One size fits all

One of the most frequent troubles of campers is that their sleeping bag is too small for them. However, if you choose to have the Slumberjack, you won't experience such kind of trouble.

No matter how short or tall you are, the Slumberjack Country Squire can fit you inside. According to its manufacturer, this sleeping bag caters people whose height is up to 6'6". Furthermore, this comforter has a rectangular shape rather than the conventional mummy form. This feature enables sleepers with relatively large bodies to fit inside!

Because it is roomy, you can also bring other stuff inside this sleeping bag such as your pillows.

Moreover, its size allows one more person to sleep with you! It is an ideal choice for a couple of camping or a father-and-son trip!

Guaranteed comfort

When it comes to hitting the sack, one of our priorities is comfort. We don't want to sleep on hard surfaces. Moreover, we can't close our eyes if our duvets give us the rough and itchy sensation. Loose and flat pillows are common pet peeves, too!

Sleeping outdoors can be more troublesome than in our houses. We are away from the comforts of our beds. But if you have the Slumberjack Country Squire, it is as if you have never left home!

​This sleeping bag has a two-layer, offset construction so that no cold air can enter. To complement such feature, it has a draft tube along the zipper line to keep the warmth inside.

THE Slumberjack has a 12 oz cotton duck and poly-cotton liner (with additional removable layer) that makes sleeping on it as if you are at a hotel. Many users agreed on this specific Slumberjack Country Squire Review. And we won't argue with them.


One of the perennial problems of most campers is washing their sleeping bags. This is a peskier task if your sleep sack has no detachable features.

A sleeping bag has hard-to-reach parts. If these parts are stained (which is inevitable if you are camping outdoors), then washing them can be a little tricky.

However for the Slumberjack Country Squire, then this task is a lot easier. The removable layers of this knapsack enable you to wash it faster and with minimum effort required. Although it is true that Slumberjack is quite thick, washing it parts by parts will drastically reduce the weight.

Just remember not to use brushes and any hard surfaces in washing this sleeping bag. Preferably, just use a soft cloth so that you won't harm its textiles.

Double bag compatible

If you are camping as a group or a family, sharing one sleeping space is a cool and fun idea. It does not only make your bonds stronger, but it also lets all of you share body warmth. This means more comfort and coziness!

One of the unique features of Slumberjack Country Squire is that you can zip it with another sleeping bag with the same size. And because this knapsack has big room space, attaching it to another sleeping bag will transform it size to a king-size bed!

It doesn't matter how many you are. As long as you bring a couple of Slumberjacks, sleeping together is not a problem. Its default size is already 84 inches by 42 inches. Just imagine the possibilities if you combine it with another Slumberjack!


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Rated temperature of 20º F / -7ºC
  • Perfect for big groups camping
  • Slumberloft Synthetic Insulation
  • Fits sleepers with vast and tall bodies
  • Water-resistant
  • Draft tube prevents heat loss
  • #10 zippers are heavy duty and have anti-snag features


  • It is a heavy sleeping bag. Not ideal for backpacking trips

Frequently Asked Questions

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Final verdict and Conclusion

[easyazon_link identifier="B0068BFP6O" locale="US" tag="hikingcampingguide-20"]The Slumberjack Country Squire [/easyazon_link] is a recommended sleeping bag especially for those who loves to sleep under the winter cold. It offers quality insulation and anti-moist feature to keep you warm and dry. Moreover, it provides a lot of comfort and coziness for its sleepers.

This sleeping bag is also ideal for those who have a large body built. It ensures you that no matter how big you are, you won't run out of space inside.

Even though this sleeping bag is heavy, it can still be traveled if you have enough room space in your car. It comes with a duffel bag so packing it is not a problem.

Overall, Slumberjack Country Squire has quality features that won't make any campers regret buying it!

Janice Friedman

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